Album Review – GWAR “Lust in Space” 2009

This year is the 25th anniversary of GWAR, and what a fantastic place to begin these reviews.  I’d be hard-pressed to choose a better exemplar of the spot where regular tastes diverge from my own than the output of these alien G-hadists. I have many fond memories of the blood-spewing live shows and ridiculous home video releases. In a box somewhere I have an unwashed, Gwar-stained t-shirt that Mrs. Slim desperately seeks to destroy.

However, the task at hand is the improbable eleventh studio album, Lust in Space, and I have the pleasure of reporting: It’s One of the Good Ones. GWAR has always veered between the posts of slick metal production (the incomparable Scumdogs of the Universe) and self-indulgent garage punk  (the incomprehensible We Kill Everything). This one benefits from nice drums-up-front recording from the band’s own Cory Smoot and the return of Casey Orr to reclaim the role of Beefcake the Mighty. The sonic experiments are kept to a merciful minimum and the result is solid metallic congress, free of excessive mythology (“Where is Zog?” does make a nice call-back to the early days).

In a nutshell: If you liked War Party and wished it didn’t have that silly French song or the long boring one, this is kind of that. 8 out of 10 


2 Responses to “Album Review – GWAR “Lust in Space” 2009”

  1. Bought the album love it every song rocks

  2. It’s no Scumdogs, but I think this one is as good as America Must Be Destroyed, which BTW is getting a deluxe box-set re-release this year as part of the anniversary. Cool!

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