Album Review – Dethklok “The Dethalbum II” 2009

  Maybe there’s another language containing a word which encapsulates the notion of a parody/satire that becomes mired in the conventions of its own target. The first Dethalbum worked because it was both good metal music performed ably in an amusing scattershot of genres,  and also screamingly funny in ways parodic, nihilistic, violent and absurd. Now, on the eve of a third season of (longer) television episodes that I fear will spread the joke a bit thin, the minds behind Metalocalypse drop the musical sequel.

Of 12 tracks, only about four sound like Dethklok to me. Brendon Small’s Nathan Explosion voice is strained and hoarse, coughing up unfortunately serious-sounding lyrics written as an afterthought to thumbnail sketches. Some of these ideas were knockout punches when used as punctuation for the second-season episodes, but lack a bit of zazz as full-length songs here. Full marks for “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence”, which will be my buddy Bone’s ringtone for the next year or so, but it’s miles above the rest. The difference between “Murmaider” and “Murmaider II” can be compared to, well…remember “The Unforgiven”?

I always thought the best thing about Dethklok was that they performed in ways which satirized the eccentricities of metal culture while still making no apologies for those aspects which make it invigorating and fun, a post-millennial Spinal Tap for those already down the rabbit-hole.  I reserve judgement on the third season of the television show, but The Dethalbum II is a lukewarm cash-grab. If the trend continues, my future grandchildren will thank me for holding off on that Gears of the Klok tattoo. 4 out of 10

4 Responses to “Album Review – Dethklok “The Dethalbum II” 2009”

  1. Well said, but i think 4 is a bit harsh here. Myself I give it a 6, but it is a far weaker album than the first. I Tamper With the Evidence at The Murdersite of Odin is the best title ever btw. 3rd season is full of zazz!

  2. How did I know you idly considered a gear tatt too?

  3. […] of the show, and that’s the reason I loved the hilarious excess of Dethalbum while the sequel left me cold. Fake bands shouldn’t make real records, no matter how skilled the masterminds might be, lest […]

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