Classic Album Review – Grave Digger “Heavy Metal Breakdown” 1984

Awesome  My Xmas present to all of you is to make you aware of GraveDigger’s first album, if you aren’t already. I know, some of you are saying that this band is still alive and kicking now, but I don’t know if they can match the irony-free charm of their debut. Nowadays they’re the German version of Saxon, shoehorning every riff into concept records. I like this earlier period a bit more: every now and then we all want a bit of something that’s not too deep, something that isn’t “art”, something which is Exactly What it Says on the Tin.

Enter Heavy Metal Breakdown, a record with more songs in and about heavy metal than even Manowar can shake a broadsword at. Grave Digger manage to groove like AC/DC but gallop like Maiden. My hat is off to the production team, as what could not have been many deutchmarks are used perfectly – the guitar work sounds you’re sitting right in the basement clubs of Berlin with them. The whole effect is raw and quite stirring. Full marks for choice of cover song: “2000 Lightyears from Home” by the Stones, which gives you a hint at the angle of approach for the rest of the songs.

There aren’t enough bands doing the rock-for-rock’s-sake thing right now (Jack Black, love the video game but you’re not a musician and Andrew WK, where are you?) so it’s comforting to know we can reach into the vault for goodies like this.

Did I mention the cover? A gravestone-being launched from a skull-which is the planet? Nobody does anything that fun any more. 8 out of 10


One Response to “Classic Album Review – Grave Digger “Heavy Metal Breakdown” 1984”

  1. Nice post!

    80’s Metal and Thrash is coming back….ha ha!

    I agree, some of the bands are too serious these days.
    I guess it’s time for some M.O.D. or Mucky Pup or Scatterbrain or something!


    Curt King

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