Deals and Steals

The Big FIf you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in used record stores, both virtual and brick-and-mortar. I’m pretty excited because I’m expecting an order from Second Spin, who have always done well for me in the past in terms of price and help finding the good stuff. By saying this, I will of course have jinxed myself and my order will drop into a hole somewhere at the post office. I still won’t complain – it was online that I finally found a copy of the self-titled The Big F record for seven bucks, and I’d been looking for that for about fifteen years.

When it comes in, I’ll post what I got so people can tell me how terrible the records are (I won’t care!) and I also ask you to share with me your tales of delete-bin triumphs and old ladies at thrift stores who were more than ready to part with a copy of Bedtime for Democracy for less than the price of  an ugly Dad sweater.

My current two favourites: Last month I got a copy of  Ultraviolence’s Psychodrama for $0.67 US (on the aforementioned Second Spin) and about ten years ago I found Badmotorfinger and Ten elastic-banded together for one dollar. Canadian!


One Response to “Deals and Steals”

  1. The Big F is a sad waste, such talented individuals overcome by self loathing. The world has lost a great talent.

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