Deals and Steals: It was Acceptable in the Eighties

With the Canuck dollar near par again, I’ve been pulling the trigger on some great online buys quite a bit lately. This order has a 1986 sort of feel to it.:

Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Collection $42.69. Great price on a 10-disc set of the entire British series, which is done with a mystical pagan slant. The Hooded Man is the agent of Herne the Hunter God, protecting the land against evil corruption. Miles better than Prince of Thieves, which cribbed just about every stylish thing from this show (like having a Saracen character) and then screwed it up, Hollywood style. Difficult to replace accordion-style casing took a bounce in the mail, but as long as everything plays I’m not complaining. Mrs. Slim might have to be talked into checking this out with me, but a good look at the incarnations of the Hood (Michael Praed and Jason -son of Sean- Connery) should keep her watching.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Flaunt It $5.59, Dress for Excess $4.89. Laugh if you like, these guys influenced the KLF, PWEI and Andrew WK. Booklets seem water damaged but the discs are OK. Affordable firepower indeed.

And for my modern-day selection:

Xysma – Lotto. No two Xysma records sound the same; this one is the one that’s like Lawnmower Deth tried to do  lounge covers of Foo Fighters songs. Well worth my $1.38.

Shipping was $11, and I must say this is the first time that Second Spin has sent me anything at all in less than mint condition. I’m still cautiously optimistic and will likely go there again.


One Response to “Deals and Steals: It was Acceptable in the Eighties”

  1. Update: The Robin Hood show is as fun as I remember. Grainy still images and sketchy playback in parts, possibly due to the remaster money being spent on more important bits than the credits, for instance. Full marks to the sound designer for using the same Clannad record to score the entire series without making it boring.

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