Classic Album Review – Razor “Evil Invaders” 1985

I love Razor for many reasons. The unrelenting heaviness and speed, the connection to my home town, the emphasis on their thrash metal scene to the exclusion of all else (all the liner notes are like Kill ‘Em All, over and over again).

The biggest draw of mid-career Razor (not only for me but also Hypocrisy, Cradle of Filth and many others in the know) is Stace Mclaren’s dog whistle shriek. The man’s vocals are off the hook. Unless you’re a fan of the bands I just mentioned  or you accidentally looped the last verse of L7’s “Shitlist” for 20 minutes, you’ve never heard anything like it. That crazy voice is on prominent display for Evil Invaders, as are many other thematic elements of what made early thrash so great: invincible badasses, zombies and nuclear bombs (“Tortured Skull”, the title track and “Instant Death” respectively). One stumble in “Thrashdance (Into Her Pants)”, a clumsy foray into lyrical territory far outside the genre.

I contend that the great sex-appeal thrash metal song remains yet to be written, but that harms Evil Invaders not a bit. 8 out of 10

2 Responses to “Classic Album Review – Razor “Evil Invaders” 1985”

  1. Hm… Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check up on these guys.

  2. […] “Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade” contains more than its fair share of narm, but as previously discussed,  the attempt to write a sexy thrash number was a strange preoccupation of the genre’s early […]

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