Get Involved!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been following me thus far.

 Big ups to anyone who has signed up for automatic updates – I’m way less prolific than any spam generator. In the column to the right of this entry are some other choices for your amusement, such as an explanation of how I grade music, a suggestion page for music reviews and also a place to join in the Spawn game, in which you can pin influences to a band’s sleeves whether they like it or not.

I’ve got more fun in store for 2010, including new content concerning my other obsession, women’s roller derby. It dovetails nicely with my love of women, rock and roll and ass-kicking. 

Thanks again, and keep dominating! — Slim


2 Responses to “Get Involved!”

  1. WarSteiner Says:

    I’m in! Love the reviews so far. I’m about to check out the Razor review. I have a question/review request……. should I watch “Whip It”?

    Keep talking, I’m listening.


    • I enjoyed Whip it; it was kind of required viewing for me. It’s a decent coming-of-age comedy with a semi-accurate but very positive look at the roller derby scene included. Good character work from the principals.

      Thanks for checking in WarSteiner.

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