Album Review – The Kovenant “In Times Before the Light” 1997/2002




This is a re-release of the Kovenant’s earliest album (from back when they were spelling it with a C*) with an attempt to bring it into line with the industrial glam outfit they would later become. The results of the remix are, well, mixed. It sounds as if someone took a pretty decent symphonic black/death record and redid the drum and vocal tracks using a Playstation One and Darth Vader voice-changer helmet. Think: early Malhavoc demo. It’s a shame the beats are so cheesy, because it’s clear the ideas that would form the basis of Nexus Polaris are beginning to take shape, and there are some good riffs and bridges. A bit of a curiosity, and basically for Kovenant-with-a-K fans only. 5 out of 10
*Pre-lawsuit by Sweden’s bespectacled and turtlenecked EBM Covenant. You know, the Sprockets guys.



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