Album Review – Overkill “Ironbound” 2010

Even though I said they didn’t have it in them, I may yet stand corrected. Ironbound is quite an achievement, containing all the things we love about Overkill (lengthy thrash epics, self-mythologizing, active basslines, clever lyrics which manage to be about nothing in particular) blended with something that’s been missing from their repertoire for many years: Under the Influence.
Now, I’m not claiming that UTI is anyone’s favourite Overkill record, but it marked a certain change in the flavour of the Atlantic years, adding a bit of flashy sleaze, some brighter tones to the solos and a pinch of L.A. to the Brooklyn sound. Ironbound remains true to their last decade of ain’t-broke-don’t-fix heaviness, but with a nod of the head to the heyday of Headbanger’s Ball.
We know the band’s a riff factory par excellence, but it’s nice to see them give Linsk and Tailer some room to breathe and even get their Maiden on in parts. The emphasis here is on their confident technical mastery of the genre, and they let the fun part take care of itself. See if you can spot the breakdown from “Phantom Lord”!
Overkill have seemed reluctant to up the ante before, perhaps in the name of “being themselves”. Ironbound makes the leap, becoming their elusive grail of a record that pleases everyone without sacrificing any of the OK style. 9 out of 10

2 Responses to “Album Review – Overkill “Ironbound” 2010”

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