Deals and Steals: Support Your Local Record Store

 I was in my local brick-and-mortar indie record store today picking up the copy of Un-United Kingdom they had pulled for me (thanks to my automated Wish List), and I got to thinking about how I could not be the person I am today without the timely and messianic intervention of underground music. Music I would not have been able to hear in those barbaric pre-internet days without the help of my local music store.

Convenient as the interwebs might be, it doesn’t hold the same excitement for me as actually going down to the store to flip through the racks, chat with the staff and hear new music being played. All the posters for the local gigs are there, and often the musicians themselves. I’ll miss the real music stores when they’re gone – we will have lost yet another gathering place for dreamers and dissenters. 

So thank you, Encore. Thank you, Vortex, Refried Beats, Monster Records, Sonic Boom and all the others who’ve helped me find great music along the way. Hold on as long as you can!

Share if you will – which stores got you started and kept you going?

Update March 12: Right about here I used to have a banner linking to Record Store, but apparently I’m not allowed to have it unless I’m a “participating retailer” or an accredited press member writing an ongoing (and presumably fawning) story about their organization. It seem that the people honouring the local disc peddler have you join their little union in order to get involved. Doesn’t sound very indie to me!


2 Responses to “Deals and Steals: Support Your Local Record Store”

  1. glassbane Says:

    Gots to remember the dead. Here’s to you, Records on Wheels, Looney Tunes and Music in Orbit

  2. R.I.P Second Wave. Started me on the right path of good taste

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