2010 Roller Derby Season Preview

  My introduction to roller derby happened the same way it does to many guys – Mrs. Slim is a derby girl, and if I ever wanted to see her I’d better get involved. Luckily, I came, I saw and I was hooked. Now I’m the bout announcer for the Tri-City Roller Girls (link is on the margin) and I love what I do. April 10 marks the opening bout of the season for TCRG, a love/hate sibling rivalry for the league’s two house teams, the Venus Fly Tramps and the Vicious Dishes. Both teams are looking to shake off the rust before the Beast of the East tournament in Montreal on April 24/25 where the Tramps face the Hammer City Death Row Dames and the Dishes go up against Rideau Valley  ‘s Slaughter Daughters in the preliminary round. Although the depth of field and their relative newness on the scene might preclude it, clever play (and a soupçon of luck) could carry the two teams to square off for the championship. Hey, dream big!

After that, both house teams and the travel team (the Tri-City Thunder) will play other leagues from near and far. It’s my intention to provide a bit of pre-game hype and post-game analysis in this blog. As always, feel free to add your comments and queries to any of my stuff.

If you’ve never seen roller derby before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  It’s a fast, hard-hitting sport that also manages to be cheeky, counter-culture, yet family oriented. Support your local derby girl and get your backside to trackside!

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