Fire Up the Feud!

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Hey folks, Slim here with a pre-game report for Saturday’s Family Feud. Another season of TCRG madness is upon us! The first game of 2010 pits both home teams from Tri-City’s slick-skating sisterhood in a sibling rivalry of epic proportions.

Believe you me, these ladies have been working hard all winter, honing their weapons of track destruction and waiting for the chance to unleash them upon the world. After using each other for target practice, the Venus Fly Tramps and Vicious Dishes have busy action-packed seasons ahead of them, including a trip to Montreal for the challenging Beast of the East tournament. The Dishes are marching ahead using an experienced core team from 2009, while the Tramps have shortened the bench and look to balance veteran skills with new blood. Both teams feature fresh meat making their Tri-city debut this year, so be sure to give them a warm welcome and get 2010 started with a roar.

New fans and skate freaks, proud Grandpas and derby girls of tomorrow, get out and support your local teams! Make a sign for your favourite rollergirl (Don’t have one? You will!), and remember to cheer loud and proud. These ladies put every ounce of blood, sweat and tears on the oval for the sheer love of it – so get your backsides to trackside!

See you in the suicide seats,

Lightning Slim


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