Slim Pickin’s – Family Feud

Family Feud 2010

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A tremendous effort from both teams resulting in a 157-53 victory for the Dishes. Thanks to the 800+ of you fans who helped to make the night noisy and memorable!

Some thoughts on the game: The Dishes debuted some promising new jamming talent in Stobbelicious and Skate Pastor, but it was their experienced cohort Motorhead Molly who put on a clinic with consistently dominant play and, yes, a 20-point jam.

A Tramps team much changed in the off-season made their best effort to become a physical force in the bout. Unfortunately this sometimes put them into penalty territory and at a numerical disadvantage. There was an interesting glimpse of the possible Tramps-to-be in the final five minutes where, with nothing but pride to play for, they put together a smart and solid hitting game.

Dance Partners: BareLeigh Legal and Konky. Number 18 in black did her level best all night to disrupt the smooth skating groove of the Tramps’ 2000. They’re probably still scrubbing off each others’ shoulder numbers.

That’s all for now – I’m looking forward to bringing you some action reports from Beast of the East, and don’t forget our next home game May 8. Bring all your friends, bring your boss, bring your Grandma – I bet she can holler louder than you! *

-Lightning Slim

*She will, when she sees the fearless ladies of derby.


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