Classic Album Review – Primus “Frizzle Fry” 1990

 People call Pork Soda the “dark” album, and Brown the “heavy” one. How soon they forget that Primus’ full-length debut was such a weird, compressed ball of danger. Trippier than metal but angrier than hippies generally get, Frizzle Fry remains the lone Primus release on my shelf, as I feel that despite having little interest in jam bands, getting rid of it would mean losing something important.

The lyrics manage to be mundane and frightening at the same time, reminiscent of fellow Rush-inspired post-punk trio Nomeansno.  Production is crisp and loud, even by today’s jacked-up standards, and it pretty much goes without saying that if you care at all about the bass guitar you should check out Les Claypool on this record. 

Definitely jam-scene influenced and mellow at times, Frizzle Fry still displays the aggression of youth and an un-cuddly ambivalence that appeals to the metallic soul. 7 out of 10


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