Box Set Review – Fight “Into the Pit” 2008

What: Four-disc set containing all of Fight’s output.

Selection: No problem for completists. Both studio records are here in their entirety, along with the Mutations EP and a live DVD. An easy feat for a short-lived band. 9 out of 10

Packaging: Nothing to write home about. DVD digipak with a large lyric booklet. Good art by Marc Sasso throughout. 6 out of 10

Sonic Manipulation: Now here’s a conundrum. A typical bottom-heavy revamp by Roy Z works wonders for A Small Deadly Space, a record which I didn’t like before but now listen to regularly. The same treatment does not work for War of Words, which now seems slower, less thrashy and thinner through the middle where room has been cleared for Halford’s vocals. We know the man can sing, but back in the day it was kind of nice to hear him do a noisy thrash record. 7 out of 10

Rarities/Extras: None to speak of. There are a couple of commercials and tour-diary style videos of backstage and day-off shenanigans. 2 out of 10

Overall: An economical and complete look at Halford’s period in the American wilderness. Some interviews on the DVD or some artist-penned bio might have shed more light on the implications and lasting effect of Fight on his solo and Priest careers. 7.5 out of 10

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