Gettin’ Psychedelic

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Saturday marks TCRG’s first Double Header! It’s TCRG vs. TORD in a tie-me-up, tie-dye-me-down extra value extravaganza.

The Dishes will be playing Toronto Roller Derby’s Chicks Ahoy and the Tramps take on the Death Track Dolls. All four teams were recently at the Beast of the East tournament and saw first-hand what an inhuman wrecking ball those ladies from Montreal can be as MTLRD went 1-2-3 after 2 days and 28 games. TORD can take some pride in the 4th place finish by their own Gore-Gores.

I think it’s going to be a treat for Tri-City fans as all your favourite rollergirls get to show off their battle scars and the new moves they picked up at the Beast.

The Venue this time: ACTIVA SPORTSPLEX, 135 Lennox Lewis Lane, KITCHENER
Doors at 5, first whistle at 6pm. Trippy colours and clever signs encouraged!

See you in the Suicide Seats,



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