Slim Pickin’s – Psychedelic Wrap-Up

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Hey all,

First off, big ups to all the fans in attendance and the sponsors and vounteers who made the Melt Down such a big success. Thanks to the Beaudelaires – I can’t think of any better soundtrack to a Tramp warm-up than something with a reggae bounce.

Wha Happen? – The first game began as a tight race between the Dishes and Chicks Ahoy, but the Dishes pulled away with a big lead after the Chicks landed in penalty trouble in the second half. The Dishes received tremdous performances from their next-gen jammers Stobbelicious and Skate Pastor. This took some of the heavy lifting away from Lippy Wrongstockings and Motorhead Molly, allowing them to save their energies for precision strikes on the afforementioned Chick penalties. The last few jams showed the Dishes experimenting with a comfortable lead, giving their rookies more track time and letting Stobbelicious display some defensive jamming skills. Final score: 121-63 for the Dishes.

The second game of the double-header found the Tramps missing the presence of injured Gunmoll Mindy as savvy play by the Death Track Dolls often stymied their rookie defenders. Slam Wow and Demolition Dawn seemed tireless for the Dolls, although a clever counter-attack using Konky as surprise jammer in the second half (she’d been quietly but effectively blocking in the first) almost turned the tide of a very close game. Leigh-zzie Borden continues to develop into a real threat to both opposing body and scoreboard. Final score: 101-89 for the Dolls, contested right to the end.

Dance Partners – Chicks Ahoy’s Dyna Hurtcha was in a mood to engage any passing body, although she seemed to have something extra going with Dish defensive tandem Greta Garbage and Stacie Jones. Tramp pivot Freudian Whip held her own putting in some serious minutes against Betty Bomber in a variety of situations.

See Y’all next time! –Slim


2 Responses to “Slim Pickin’s – Psychedelic Wrap-Up”

  1. cindy brown Says:

    hi there, we are new to this sport and last saturday night was our first game. my husband and i loved it!! we screamed and booed all night. the girls were funny and awesome and it was great. I looked around and noticed a lot of guys in the crowd and that was great to see. The band was great too…too bad they were so crazy loud!! we are going to all the games this season and see that there are a lot of men supporting their wives and girlfriends. Go TRamps and Dishes!!!

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