Deals and Steals: Hammer Time!

Just one contribution this time. Last week I was at Beat Goes On and saw a 2-CD label sampler from Hammerheart Records on the shelf for $6.99. I took a chance and grabbed it and I can tell you it was quite a find. It contains many, many bands:

CD1: Thyrfing, Primordial, Necronomicon, Havayoth, The Ravenous, Rebaelliun, Alas, Defleshed, Aeternus, Solstice, Aura Noir, Severe Torture, Thanatos, Skyfire, Hypnosia, Corona Borealis

CD2: Dimmu Borgir, Ancient, Tulus, Avrigus, Hades Almighty, Trelldom, Dead Head, Cruachan, Old Man’s Child, Dead Silent Slumber, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Infestdead, Invasion, Carpe Tenebrum, Kampfar, Halgalaz’ Runedance

As you can see, it’s chock full of grind, black, death, doom, folk and power metal from all the corners of the globe. Hammerheart (now known as Karmageddon) really casts the net widely, although all the songs on this compilation can be said to be loosely bound by their Norse paganism. Long story short; it’s a great deal and gave me some perspective on the state of pan-global extreme music in the early 2000’s.

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