Album Review – Danko Jones “Below the Belt” 2010

  As much as it pains me to say it, the formula is wearing thin. Below the Belt contains nothing unfamiliar to the ear, which is not always a bad thing. Not always. I’m a huge believer of not fixing what isn’t broken (do you hear me, Bolt Thrower? Release it and let us judge!)  but the Danko-man is in danger of karaoke-izing himself.

Opener “I Think Bad Thoughts” and “I Can’t Handle Moderation” carry the torch for the Danko Jones brand admirably, but beyond that there’s more evidence of the creeping mundanity which has seen each record have just a little less swagger than the last without replacing that swagger with a new sensation.  

Reservations aside, the pretty awesome video for “Full of Regret” does pull the proceedings up a notch and gives me pause before I get too dismissive. The rain god doesn’t  do downpours every day – I think it will be a long while before this band loses its cool completely. 7 out of 10

2 Responses to “Album Review – Danko Jones “Below the Belt” 2010”

  1. WarSteiner Says:

    I’ve never been able to get into Danko, but I guess I’ll stick with his early stuff the next time I give it a listen.

  2. […] Danko Jones have never been ones to reinvent a properly spinning wheel, but whereas 2010 effort Below the Belt seemed a little bit tired, Black and Blue attacks the same ideas with a touch more pep. Perhaps […]

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