Disciplined Second Half Gives Thunder High-Flying Result

  Originally published at www.tricityrollergirls.com

Thunder took their first home bout of the season 87-66 in a see-saw battle with Rochester’s RocStars containing plenty of surprising old-school action.

Much of the first half of Glam Slam was spent with three or fewer points separating the two teams, but pack speed control by Thunder and a rash of RocStar penalties in the second finally tipped the scale. Cellblock Bettie proved that high-risk jump-jamming sometimes has its rewards by celebrating her first penalty-free bout, and Kitty Krasher skated some critical (and crowd-pleasing) jams to push the Thunder lead out of reach.

The Roc City squad made their presence known on the physical side, trying a bait-and-strike strategy on the Thunder jammers using Lethal Lorelei as the hammer. This created some inconsistent but occasionally spectacular jammer takeouts. Happily, nothing more than ice and bandages were deployed by medical staff on-site.

Dance Partners: Speedy water bug Toxin Dioxin had a tremendous game for Roc City, but her collisions with Gunmoll Mindy may have created a more lasting impression with the fans.

Next Game: July 10 @ New Hamburg – Thunder continue their border defence against the Lake-Effect Furies of Buffalo. Still skeptical of this whole Roller Revival thing? Try the free Derby Demonstration next Saturday at Waterloo Public Square. TCRG will make you believe!


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