Thunder 72, Furies 51: Cruise a Success, Bruises Gained

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There was a point about 12 minutes into the second half of last night’s Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ bout between Thunder and the Lake Effect Furies of QCRG where, for about three or four jams, both teams threw discipline to the wind and left scoring off the menu. Physical punishment was served up on both sides, and guest announcer Mason Stone and I were at a loss to describe the action as quickly as it was happening. For every Jill Standing takeout on B.J Harmstrong there was an instantaneous response as Vajenna Warrior put some hip into Skate Pastor. Thunder had the most to lose from these exchanges, as they held the lead and the Furies were attempting to change their fortunes by shaking things up. They didn’t seem sure how to counter Thunder’s pack control and were determined to hit their way out.

New line combinations were important in getting Thunder into that second half with the lead intact. Stacie Jones, Freudian Whip and Lilith NoFair were required to play larger roles, and all of them stepped up to the challenge. Pairing NoFair with Anita Martini and Whip with Jill Standing allowed Thunder to exploit the depth they have at the pivot position and roll consecutive lines with heavy defensive coverage.

Once they had stopped taking the bait to trade hit for hit in the early second half, Thunder locked things down. Penalty trouble for the Furies (Holly Lulu an unfortunate frequent flier) sealed the deal.

It was an altogether riveting experience, and when these two teams meet again I intend to be first in line.

Dance Partners: It got so pinball-y, you could pick any pair of opposite numbers and dollars to doughnuts they hit each other hard in this one.



5 Responses to “Thunder 72, Furies 51: Cruise a Success, Bruises Gained”

  1. Diamond Crushher Says:

    It was an awesome game. Can’t wait for a rematch! Tri- City was an awesome challenge and also very hospitable. Thanks Thunder!!!

  2. […] what by all accounts was a physical, defensive battle (read about it here), the Tri-City Thunder continued their impressive 2010 season with a low scoring 72-51 victory […]

  3. What was the score at halftime?

    • Alas, I’m still negotiating how to announce and take decent notes at the same time. I’ll ask around for you – perhaps Mason knows. If memory serves, it was equally close at the half, with Thunder in a small lead and the Furies rallying enough to make them nervous.

  4. Quite belatedly – it was 37 to 14 Thunder at the half.

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