Album Review – Shockwave “Omega Supreme” 2001

  There is sometimes a bit of silver lining to being a not-necessarily-successful hardcore band. A) your career output fits on a single disc. B) that disc ends up in the $2 delete bin, giving the band a second life among the curious. 

Omega Supreme, subtitled The Complete Collection: 1996-2001 contains the album Autohate, the Dominicon EP, Warpath single and a couple of demos and unreleased tracks. The sound is classic NY hardcore a la Biohazard or Pro-pain with all the inherent shout-outs, slowdowns and threats of beat-down. Also,  in case you hadn’t noticed, these guys really like the Transformers.

The songs are saved from complete terribility by decent playing, solid recording and an admirable dedication to conceptual continuity. I must admit, “Bruticus” gets stuck in my head due to sheer catchiness and a dim memory that he was one of my favourite Decepticons. For fans of a certain 80’s TV show, there are plenty of fun (and lawsuit-worthy) sound bites here which must have coasted under the radar of the “Earth Germs” in charge. Omega Supreme holds my attention long just enough to retain its place on my shelf, even after everyone else has transformed and rolled out. 6 out of 10

2 Responses to “Album Review – Shockwave “Omega Supreme” 2001”

  1. WarSteiner Says:

    MUST GET COPY!!!! I just finished the War for Cybertron game and it would have been cool to have this playing in the background. I think it might be time for another Transformers tattoo.

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