Album Review – Prong “Scorpio Rising” 2003

   This is not an easy record to lay one’s hands on, thus the late review.  Prong has always been a somewhat second-tier act, linchpin Tommy Victor finding greater success when paired with other like minds. Scorpio Rising represents Victor’s output after his associations with Paul Raven, Charlie Clouser and Ted Parsons, but before touching the Midas hand of Al Jourgensen. As such, it’s an interesting look into the mind of the musician himself.

The album is quite similar to Halford’s Crucible in approach: it conquers with quantity, delivering fourteen tracks of varying styles. Don’t like this song? Here’s another.  It has neither the disco-industrial verve of Cleansing or the angular Chilling Joke drone of Rude Awakening, instead taking a slow-and-low route reminiscent of early Coal Chamber, a style quite well suited to Victor’s gravelly roar.

As usual, the lyrics ponder the abstract and the esoteric. For a man capable of rattling off a spot-on, lusty cover of “Space Truckin'”, Victor’s own lyrical musings always make it seem like he’s defending himself at the bar exam. Expensive verbiage is part of the Prong-ness of Prong, so no worries there for any listener with passing familiarity.

 Perhaps not the album you’d expect after a seven-year hiatus, but then again one can accumulate rust as easily as other material. Scorpio Rising doesn’t rewrite the playbook but represents a solid enough trip through Prong-land to inspire multiple listens. 7 out of 10

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