Thunder Win Streak Halted by Sexpos

 photo by Midnight Matinee

All good things must eventually end, and Montreal proved once again to be a stumbling block on the path of Thunder’s journey to derby domination with a 115-46 win over the TCRG squad.

The August 28 bout, A Fistful of Brawlers, saw Montreal’s second-tier travel team the Sexpos head west to make things wild. Given MTLRD’s meteoric rise up the WFTDA standings it’s safe to say that this “B Team” would be comfortable against almost anyone. Thunder’s ferocity and determination not to be subdued by their erstwhile mentors made things a very entertaining evening. My announcing duties were shared with Plastik Patrik, who made my life easier not only with his tremendous play-by-play skills but also by looking so good in an Evel Kinevel-style jumpsuit that I didn’t have to think about  putting mine on.

Also making my life easier: a fabulous, detailed examination of the proceedings over at Derby Spotlight. Thanks, Joe Mac!

Next up for TCRG – a double-header of oceanic proportions!

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