Album Review – Apocalyptica “7th Symphony” 2010

  Many of the big classical composers have a seventh symphony, and lucky seven represents a magic number in a variety of contexts. Apocalyptica’s seventh outing finds them settling into a comfortable groove in their second-stage, Big Rock personae. It has the assurance and artistry of their finest instrumental work Reflections married to the more tasteful expressions of their latter-day collaborations with various rock vocalists.

This time out, those vocalists are Gavin Rossdale, Brent Smith, Lacey Sturm and Joseph Duplantier. The first two fire for effect, throwing out a back-to-back combination of straight-up old-fashioned love songs “End of Me” and “Not Strong Enough”. There’s quite a bit of rock-out and solid thump at the bottom end, but the band’s classical training saves these songs from becoming Nickelback Visits the Opera. Expect rock radio play for these. Lacey Sturm provides the necessary angst for her gothy “Broken Pieces”, and Duplantier (of French doom-freaks Gojira) provides a nice surprise in a full speed metal track with his harsh vocals only slightly subdued to deliver the cabaret chorus of “Bring Them to Light”.

The rest of the record has the expected bits and pieces of eccentric instrumental brilliance delivered at all tempos. Each band member is now writing, which seems to have added nothing but strength and trust to the process – there are moments where band founder Eicca Toppinen is nowhere to be found in the credits but the result is still pure Apocalyptica. And sometimes Apocalyptica with Dave Lombardo!

Perhaps a wee bit safe but a whole lot satisfying, 7th Symphony is a good dose of what Apocalyptica offers, and further serves to cement them into the thrones they have built atop their string-rock kingdom. 8 out of 10

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