Album Review – We Are the Fallen “Tear the World Down” 2010

  It was clear from her American Idol performances that Carly Smithson was gunning for Amy Lee’s job, and as far as Tear the World Down is concerned, it’s pretty much mission accomplished. Large portions of this record would pass a blind taste-test when placed side-by-side with the original Fallen, from which this project quite deliberately takes its name.
The trouble is, Smithson’s bandmates and Evan-exiles are less successful at delivering a punchy, relevant and satisfying piece of work. The concepts and sounds are great…for 2003. It works, but only in a Ripper-Priest sort of way. To Ben Moody I say this: in a post-Apocalyptica world your string section is going to have to work a bit harder than this.
We Are the Fallen’s material would definitely flinch first in a Mexican standoff with Nightwish and In This Moment. Only a valid option for those who really miss the Big E. 5 out of 10


2 Responses to “Album Review – We Are the Fallen “Tear the World Down” 2010”

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