Mixed Results, Mixed Feelings as Club Season Ends

Orignally Published at www.tricityrollergirls.com:

Mutiny wasn’t the only thing on the track as the seasons for the TCRG club teams came to an end last weekend, with blood (of the hot kind, but still on the inside) sweat and tears all making appearances as well.

For the record: The Venus Fly Tramps lost another heartbreaker to the Deathrow Dames of Hammer City 88-80. The Vicious Dishes avenged their comrades with an efficient handling of the Hamilton Harlots for a 137-53 win.*

Numbers, however, never tell the whole story, and although it would be naive to say that winning and losing don’t matter to athletes (of course they do!) they certainly aren’t the only or even the most compelling reason to follow or participate in sport. Although I can never aspire to the work ethic, dedication and passion of the thousands of amateur flat track roller derby players currently tearing up the track in a grassroots sporting revolution, as an announcer, volunteer and husband I do get a window into a world that cannot be defined by results.

We are forced to use the inadequacy of words to describe ephemeral situations which can never be repeated in order to make those situations easier to digest. Undefeated. Winless. Domination. Heartbreak. For some, these soundbites may describe the 2010 season in a nutshell, but anyone who looked a bit closer knows that the sheer effort on the inside was completely nuts.

I applaud the women of TCRG and everyone who ever put eight wheels to the track and found that something about themselves had changed for the better. I salute all the volunteers, sponsors and fans who help make it all happen.

And we’re not done with you yet! Thunder still has a game in Detroit against the Motor City Disassembly Line on the 26th, and on Oct. 16th they return to New Hamburg for their final game of the season against the CN Power of TORD. We would love to see all of you there for the Silver and Black Attack!

* I’ll have more about the games themselves soon. – Lightning Slim

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