Deals and Steals: Metal North American Style

  Multiple entries for each band this time, all from the US of A or Canadia. Shipping was on Second Spin this time, courtesy of a promo code they gave me for screwing up the last one. This order shipped from their facility in Illinois instead of California – advantage IL as everything came in its original jewel case rather than bubble wrap around the naked disc.

Hanzel und Gretyl – Zwanzig Zwölf $7.19, Scheissmessiah! $6.39. I wonder what Tim Skold, who has been in both KMFDM and Marilyn Manson, would think of these self-proclaimed “Fukken Über” fetishists?

Three Inches of Blood – Fire Up the Blades $7.19, Here Waits Thy Doom $5.59. Yes, I know the last one is slower. Still the most appropriate soundtrack to Conan’s best-in-life mantra.

  Devildriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand $10.39, The Last Kind Words $7.19, Pray for Villains $10.39. DD came along when I was suffering from band fatigue, so I was never on board. I missed a lot of good stuff! Fury and Villains are special editions with DVD.

We Are the Fallen – Tear the World Down $6.39. Review is here!

See you next time – stay heavy!


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