Album Review – Jakalope “Things That Go Jump in the Night” 2010

  When record producers form bands they have the ability and clout to let their projects bloom in their own good time, regardless of whether or not these projects are expected or desired. This can lead to some fantastic musical innovations free from corporate meddling, or just a lot of platters no one wanted in the first place.
Somewhere into the upper-middle category on that scale drops Things That Go Jump in the Night from Dave “Rave” Ogilvie’s Jakalope, who have been quietly releasing records about every three years to the sweaty anticipation of die-hard fans, studio recording enthusiasts and Hot Topic executives hoping for an upswing in striped leggings. That being said, unexpected doesn’t always mean underwhelming, and Jakalope’s gigantic rotating array of guest talents and production savants guarantee at least a few interesting moments every time.
New vocalist/muse Chrystal Leigh builds on Katie B’s breathy coquettish style by adding a layer of R&B, a movement from Goth Stefani to the Black Mascara-Eyed Peas, so to speak. Her versatility allows Jump to explore gospel, cabaret and a bit of rap amid the industrial rock, although under Ogilvie’s steady tutelage she wisely declines to attempt too many gimmicks simultaneously like some of her contemporaries (Flyleaf come to mind). Opener “Dusk to Dawn” typifies the concession to the earlier industrial sound with its unabashed locked-in synth rhythm, while single “Witness”, oddly bouncy in its melancholy, points to a newer multifaceted style.
Garbage (the band) it isn’t, which could be a good thing. That project, although similar in execution, was subject to higher highs, lower lows and the weight of expectation. Jakalope, meanwhile, skip blithely onward with their infrequent little bundles of surprises. 7 out of 10


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