Album Review – Dimmu Borgir “Abrahadabra” 2010

   Abrahadabra finds Dimmu Borgir in a relaxed and looser mood than previous outing In Sorte Diaboli, an album which was much more conceptually dependant and lyrically dense. While this will never be mistaken for the Monkees, Abrahadabra is as close as DB might get to a romp, with simpler arrangements and a replayable catchiness on display throughout. Single “Gateways” even has them putting an entire symphony and choir to work and getting their Nightwish on with favourable results. The three remaining members (Mustis and Vortex got the sack last year) are having fun and it shows.

Ah, fun, the ultimate F-word in black and death metal circles. Both Dimmu Borgir and Anglo-Saxon soul mates Cradle of Filth are routinely raked over the coals for their flirtations with more mainstream forms of metal, something which I’m sure doesn’t cross their minds as they choose between Dom and Krug at their club table. Your snob-o-meter might know the difference between Abrahadabra and something recorded in the true black metal fashion*, but your ears will enjoy it just the same, if not more. 7.5 out of 10

*shitty, possibly from prison

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