Deals and Steals: Erratic Cinematic

  Hey all, today’s order from SecondSpin was more about video than music, but the thread of Rock still runs through it. All prices $US, with ZERO shipping – Merry Chaosmas to me.

Infant Sorrow – Get Him to the Greek – FREE thanks to promotion. Infant Sorrow is the band of fictitious rock star Aldous Snow (played by British comedian Russel Brand), an amalgam of every rock star cliché ever known.  Hilarious material from both Snow and his spouse Jackie Q (Rose Byrne), a lady with a severe Madonna/Hole complex.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall $9.07. The film where we first met Aldous Snow. And Jason Segel’s wiener. Not the last time the world would see either.

How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season Five (Suited Up Edition) $24.99. Speaking of Segel, his current project actually made me care about the half-hour sitcom again.

The big deal this time out:

  And All the Pieces Matter: Five Years of Music from The Wire $12.57. Best. TV Show. Ever. This soundtrack, with a few versions of the show’s Tom Waits-penned theme, a splash of Steve Earle and liberal doses of Baltimore hip-hop, really captures the essence of television at its finest.

More to come – I really put the hammer down this December!


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