Deals and Steals: A Bit of Sleaze from Overseas

  Import time, mostly from Merry Olde England. All prices $US. No shipping charges for the holidays from the good folks at Second Spin.

Nightwish – Dark Passion Play (Collector’s Edition) $9.07. It’s a solid record, and if you’re going to bother doing the special feature thing, this is a good choice. The second disc is the entire album done orchestrally, which actually makes a lot of sense since they hired a full set of musicians and two separate choirs to record it.

Gallows – Grey Britain $8.99 and Orchestra of Wolves – FREE due to promotion. Seriously old-school punk. Like “Nooooooooo Few-cha” serious.

And my sentimental favourite of the day:

  Monty Python – The Final Rip-Off $7.99. A two-disc set of their finest moments. Still the most portable and cost-effective way to get a dose of the Englishmen who, with their game-changing comedy, embodied the playful, anarchic, taboo-breaking spirit that bands like Gallows (good as they are) can still only gaze at from a distance.

Off to be taunted a second time!  – Slim


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