Deals and Steals: Retro Death Spectacular

  Everything this time out has a connected theme of old-schoolness, as Chaosmas is a time of traditions! All prices $US, no shipping charges.

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet – 21st Century Killing Machine $5.07, Error in Evolution $5.99 and Grim Tales $8.99. Great opportunity to grab the entire back catalogue of this thrashback project from Crown singer Johan Lindstrand.

Finntroll – Jaktens Tid $7.99. What’s the season without elves? And trolls? Serious folk-metal business, Viking-styles.

Landmine Marathon – Wounded and Rusted Eyes Awake $7.99 each. Desert disciples of old-school grindcore. My crew saw these guys open for Skeletonwitch and couldn’t stop talking about them. Reviews will follow!

One Response to “Deals and Steals: Retro Death Spectacular”

  1. Update: I have now had a listen to all three OMAATUQ records. Interesting; they all seem to have the same strengths and weaknesses. Opening and closing tracks are tour-de-force, whomping old-school thrash. The stuff in-between is fair to middling, usually with a mean-spirited Children of Bodom style ballad thrown in. Lyrics are stabby fun (“Hail to the King” is about Antichrist Elvis!) with the usual charming imperfect grasp of English grammar. Looks like about three 7’s in a row, which to me is second-tier metal perfection!

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