Deals and Steals: Gabber Dabber Doom!

  Hey, folks. This shipment of goodness from the fine purveyors at contains more than its fair share of industrial blastbeats, some doomy dooms of doom and a blast from the past. All prices $US (A good thing for Canucks nowadays) with free shipping:

The Berzerker – The Berzerker $6.39, Dissimulate $4.38 and World of Lies $4.39. Earache Records’ simultaneous Australian answer to Slipknot, Nailbomb and Atari Teenage Riot makes big noise in a small space. The s/t is a reissue with a full disc of commentary; band founder Luke Kenny loves to discuss the madness in his methods.

All Shall Perish –  Awaken the Dreamers $5.59. I cheerfully admit I have no idea who these guys are – but they are playing Heavy MTL, so I should probably find out.

Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers & Queers (The Remixes) $2.39. Shaggy Glassbane and I played the hell out this 12″ single in our college radio days. Never gets old.

  The Sword – Warp Riders $6.39. The crew of intergalactic ship Sword set themselves on a mission of trippiness. Most anticipated band of MTL for me –  I can’t get enough of the retro vibe.  I’m hoping Montreal locals and soul-mates Priestess  make an appearance in support.

2 Responses to “Deals and Steals: Gabber Dabber Doom!”

  1. Okay, All Shall Perish – like a really heavy version of Trivium, or Dying Fetus covering Master of Puppets. Dozens of ideas being thrown at the wall and a few stick.

  2. Of course, the Sword never made it to MTL. Not only did I not get to see the most-anticipated band of the show, I had to wade through interminable forum messages and Facebook posts from Yankee idiots about how the Canadian Border officials were being “dumb” for not letting the band into the country. Hey bands: take advantage of one of the few decent things your label can do for you and have them pre-check your border crossing and passports!
    BTW, passports required between our peaceful nations? That’s all on you, Uncle Sam.

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