Five Reasons to Support the Tri-City/Royal City Rivalry

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As previously mentioned in this space, Thunder is now in full swing across the North Central Region playing in WFTDA sanctioned bouts and tournaments in a push to make their mark. But there’s plenty of derby to be had back home, much of it featuring the rivalry between the Total Knock Outs and the three teams of Royal City. These ladies are getting to know each other well this season, and here’s why you should get involved:

1. It’s close. No serious 401-style driving involved in the Highway 7 Series. You can stop by the after-party and still go home for SNL, if that’s your thing . That leads me to my next point:

2. Fan Invasion Potential. Visiting teams can bring a full-strength cheer squad. Packs the house, makes lots of noise – good for everyone!

3. Non-Sectarianism. Sure, the rivalries of any sport can be passionate and raw, but the community-based, DIY, family-positive nature of the modern roller derby phenomenon mean that you can attend these games looking forward to a good time without fearing for your kids’ ears or having to duck a flying pint glass.

4. Developing Relationships. As the two leagues play each other, familiarity will engender competition. They will push each other to greater levels of skill and teamwork, and we’ll be able to watch the games as they get closer and more exciting each time. Which reminds me…

5. Early Adoption.The TKO’s and RCRG are relatively new to the game, but their potential is limitless. Could you be seeing one or more women who might hold aloft the 2016 Hydra? Choose your favourites, exercise your lungs and help them get there, for the privilege of saying you saw them back in the day.

6. I’m almost always there. What, you come for the skaters and not me?

See you in the Suicide Seats,


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