Philadelphia Always Sunny, Thunder Heard Nevertheless

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 The Tri-City Thunder made their debut on their biggest stage to date at the 2011 East Coast Derby Extravaganza this weekend in Feasterville, PA. This three-day explosion of riotous derby action coupled with fun, sun and poolside shenanigans ended with two WFTDA-sanctioned victories by Thunder over Harrisburg (196-101) and Long Island (150-124). I had the pleasure and privilege to travel with the team and call for their bouts, as well as some just-for-fun challenge bouts such as Emo vs. Metal and Gingers vs. The World (victory for teams Metal and Ginger, both close to my heart).

For recaps, photos and access to video feeds and DVD’s, see our gracious hosts over at

This puts Thunder at 6-4 for the season, and spells good things for their inaugural ranking in the second quarter. I’ll be discussing the ramifications of this and Thunder’s position in the derby world at large in future posts, but for now I think I will emulate the skaters* to relax and savour a successful tournament.

See you in the Suicide Seats,


*Oh please – they’re probably at practice as you read this – these ladies never stop reaching for the top!

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