Classic Album Review – Nomeansno “Wrong” 1989

  There is no end to the good this record can do with its mystery. Is it Prog-punk? Art metal? Industrial jazz? It could be all or none of these things and it would still demand attention – Wrong is a heady brew which is granted power through its own  indeterminacy, and demands repeat listens to plumb the depths of its dark heart.

Working as a three-piece at this point in their career, Nomeansno would draw inevitable comparisons to a certain other megalithic Canadian power trio. To be sure, there are jazzy, virtuoso bass licks and complicated time-changes galore to be had here, and being the Rush of punk isn’t a bad mantle to wear, but the influences run towards the raw and bleeding on Wrong. Tracks like openers “It’s Catching Up” and “The Tower” snarl their way through the angry territories traditionally occupied by Big Black, and tour-de-force “Rags and Bones” marries whimsy to heartbreak in ways that would garner approval from fans of both Tom Waits and REM.

Nomeansno, by channeling all this existential dread and forcing it to contend with an exuberant, almost joyful delivery have created a timeless and genreless classic. Great records have come before and after (some of them by Nomeansno!) but Wrong is the unforgettable flag planted as the expedition reaches a new summit. If you’ve heard it, you likely understand. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour. 10 out of 10

3 Responses to “Classic Album Review – Nomeansno “Wrong” 1989”

  1. Oooohhhhh, i concur… wonderful review. 10 out of 10 indeed!

  2. […] to be mundane and frightening at the same time, reminiscent of fellow Rush-inspired post-punk trio Nomeansno.  Production is crisp and loud, even by today’s jacked-up standards, and it pretty much […]

  3. […] Nomeansno – All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt $7.99. NMN is never a bad choice. Sometimes, it’s perfect. […]

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