Album Review – Blackguard “Firefight” 2011

   Blackguard* wear their Children of Bodom influences proudly and prominently on Firefight, with an often frenetic race between the guitar leads and a keyboard that wants to get in on that speedy riffing action. These French Canadian power/death merchants craft a piece of flattery so accurate it could be the missing CoB record, occasionally with a vitality that outshines their Finnish muses. There’s also a bit more industrial clank and gothy ambience to the orchestral sections, perhaps a legacy of the band’s beginnings as no-frills black metal outfit Profugus Mortis.

The speed never threatens Dragonforce, and the anger doesn’t have a patch on One Man Army. Rather, Firefight treads a pleasant if derivative middle path. There’s nothing specifically new here, but it’s well put together and easily digestible. You can up my score if you’re big into Bodom, for you folks it’s almost a must-have. 7 out of 10 

*I wonder if they pronounce it all oldey-timey like “Blaggard”

One Response to “Album Review – Blackguard “Firefight” 2011”

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