Album Review – Die Krupps “I Reissued” 2008


Now, the review. I’d been searching for a copy of Die Krupps’ 1990 transitional album from the world of synthpop to industrial rock for some time, and I was very pleased to see this two-disc set on the shelf. Disc One was the album “remixed and remastered for today by Jurgen Engler”. It’s a good remix job, with heftier beats a la Combichrist, but the one thing that bothered me was that the vocal samples from films and broadcasts had been removed. In many cases, they were not replaced with any other sounds, leaving gaping holes in the sonic matrix of each track.  A bleeped George Carlin would be more satisfying than this defanged “I“.

Oh well, I thought, that’s the world of copyright clearance. I once read somewhere that a fully-cleared version of Paul’s Boutique would cost over ten million dollars to produce today. At least I had the genuine article on hand. I confidently popped in Disc Two, labelled as “the original album digitally remastered”.

My ass it’s the original album. It’s been lawyered, too. All the same omissions of sampled materials, all the same non-attempts to fill the sonic gaps. I realize that when you have a song with a very recognizable reference to “the power of the dark side” in it, you might run afoul of some bigger fish, even the founding father of rebastardizing classic material himself. But still, what this collection is purported to be and what it really is are two very different things, and I call bullshit.

Saved from a zero by a few interesting demos tacked onto the end. Still an ignominious end to my Die Krupps fandom. 1 out of 10

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