Album Review – Evanescence “Evanescence” 2011

  Evanescence, whose name really just constitutes a shorter way of saying “Amy Lee and the Whoevers”, continue to have difficulty recapturing the spirit of Fallen.* Evanescence the record (and aren’t we all a bit suspicious of mid-career self-titles?) plods down the predictable path of ponderous goth rock, a bland concoction of Lilith Fair and nu-metal that’s hard to screw up but even harder to bring to life, so to speak. I want to like this, and I’m not slapping it with a Do Not Buy, but I’m having difficulty finding anything memorable in the risk-free material.

Evanescence, band and album, aren’t horrible, but both do a piss-poor job of justifying their own existence, basically only succeeding at A) extending the lifespan of a fancy Latin word that most folks didn’t know before, and B) acting as a radio-injected gateway drug for bands like Lacuna Coil, who are doing this sort of thing so much better. 5.5 out of 10

*Of course, Lee’s former bandmates haven’t done well on their own, either.

4 Responses to “Album Review – Evanescence “Evanescence” 2011”

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  2. demetri Says:

    You are all haters. If you can’t do it better then shut the fuck up

  3. Hi demetri. Not quite sure who you mean by “all” the haters; I’m the only author, and I thought I did an okay job pointing out some things that are better than this record, both by this band and others. Unless by “doing it better” you mean I should write my own record, which I can’t because I’m not a musician. Unless you mean only musicians can have opinions about music, which seems a little narrowly focused. Are you a musician? If so, I’d be interested to hear your stuff.

  4. Update: I just added a point to the score after a few listens. There’s half a good record in there, it just gets derailed by a terrible power ballad and never regains consciousness.

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