Album Review – Forbidden “Omega Wave” 2010

  Bust out your high-tops and skinny blacks, because Forbidden’s Omega Wave hits like a bomb made of 1991, ridden by a T-800 and delivered from orbit by Ellen Ripley. All riffs are furiously picked, the drums are fast without blast and the vocals a pleasantly non-ironic wail reminiscent of mid-career Ozzy. In short, it’s a pure thrash record. Twelve tracks, no dogs.

Omega Wave is so good it’s made me a Forbidden fan. I’d always considered them strictly Tier 2, but this album places them firmly in the vanguard of thrash revival. 8 out of 10


2 Responses to “Album Review – Forbidden “Omega Wave” 2010”

  1. Forbidden A truly great band!

    If you want check out the new Frantic Amber musicvideo “Bleeding Sanity” that I produced. Maybe these females are to heavy for your taste I don´t know. If you like it feel free to publish it on your great blog.

  2. It’s a good video, and the band has promise in a latter-day Arch Enemy sort of way. I liked your Evil Dead camera at the beginning.

    Here it is:

    What do others think?

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