Album Review – Skeletonwitch “Forever Abomination” 2011

  Good Skeletonwitch music is like bad barbecued chicken: it tastes metallic, it’s blackened around the edges, and deep inside it’s still totally raw. Forever Abomination certainly qualifies as a non-fix of the band’s unbroken style, serving up no-nonsense thrash for the beer and burger set. EDIT: Clearly I was hungry when I wrote this. 

I know I give a lot of bands shit for lack of evolution, but there are always exceptions. The Skeletonwitch Method, much like the Riddle of Steel or the formula for Dr. Pepper, should be kept locked down, and screwed around with as little as possible. 

A great way to kill half an hour, Forever Abomination is designed for cruising, with a nostalgic ear for the cassette tape. It makes you want to “flip it over” and play it again. 8 out of 10

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