Album Review – Overkill “The Electric Age” 2012

  Overkill have always had two faces; they are capable of some very grim, dark, European-style thrash but they can also bust out road-racing, crowd surfing, beer metal when they want. Ironbound was one heavy, serious act to follow, so the band wisely decided to avoid repeating themselves and try a different approach. As a result, The Electric Age is a fun, speedy, rocktacular ride  with little pretense, and solidly entertaining throughout.

Second track “Electric Rattlesnake” is a great example of what’s going on. The base tune is a standard three-minute Motorhead/Chrome Division ditty, but Blitz and company manage to stretch it out to Purple Zeppelin size by doing what they do best: putting in more bridges than the Army Corps of Engineers. It has a loose, bar-band feel to it, which carries through to the more succinct. “Wish You Were Dead”. Other highlights include “All Over but the Shouting” and “Old Wounds, New Scars” which declares the band has “got a lotta mouth for a Jersey white boy”. Truth!

Unlike its massive, majestic predecessor, which settles in for a heavy winter drinking session, The Electric Age charges up to the bar, does a line of shots, flips off the crowd and books it. Good times. 8 out of 10 


2 Responses to “Album Review – Overkill “The Electric Age” 2012”

  1. WarSteiner Says:

    I’ll be picking this up very shortly. Still have Ironbound on my ipod, but there’s always room for more Overkill!

  2. Amazing album!

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