Album Review – Killing Joke “MMXII” 2012

  While Killing Joke’s last effort Absolute Dissent mixed their latter-day grunge trance sensibilities with the spirit of their 1990 masterwork Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions, MMXII goes farther by grabbing Extremities with both hands and pulling it into the TARDIS, destination right now.

What emerges is filled with glorious analogue retro-power, the soundtrack for the greatest John Carpenter/Vangelis collaboration never made. All this atmospheric synth work provides the backdrop for a war between simple yet powerful hypnotic guitar riffs that more commercially successful bands have been pilfering from KJ for years.*

No band this old deserves to sound this good. Luckily, Killing Joke are more interested in what they can still create rather than what they deserve. There’s very little downside in this collection of great rock music; one con might be that it succumbs to a bit of that modern condition, loud-mastering (“Pole Shift” opens with a throb of Laswellian bass so profound that it threatened to loosen both my dental work and the door of my Hyundai).

MMXII proves Killing Joke are as influential and dangerous as ever. Highly recommended. 8 out of 10

*You know who I mean. One is named for some wee fairy folk, another for UFO’s. And there are many more!


One Response to “Album Review – Killing Joke “MMXII” 2012”

  1. Great stuff. The Joke are one of my favourite bands, and the sheer quality they’re coming up with at this stage in their career is frankly ludicrous. KILLER album.

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