Album Review – Fear Factory “The Industrialist” 2012

  I think Fear Factory, with their man-machine interface obsession, would appreciate and concede that there are discernible patterns to their behaviour. Just as Demanufacture has its Obsolete, so too must Mechanized lead to The Industrialist. In each case the former revelatory document is followed up by something a little bit safer, self-mythologizing and deliberately conceptual. The Industialist has moments of brilliance (“God Eater” is fantastic) but doesn’t have quite the same punch as the last outing. 

FF fans needn’t worry in terms of sound, as their trademark unison riff+snare+kick still operate as a synchronized jackhammer. Production is lush and filled with spooky ambience, courtesy Rhys Fulber. The faithful can also take heart in the number of fist-pumping sing-along jams that occur, as these will translate well in the live show environment (if Burt and Dino have a band with which to tour; the album is credited solely to them).

 If you’re one of the weirdos connoisseurs who find Obsolete a more enthralling journey than the speedier Demanufacture, The Industrialist might be right up your alley. When shopping, I would give preference to the digipak version, which warmed my heart with its affectionate bonus rendition of Pitchshifter’s sludge-metal spectacular “Landfill”. 

Heavy, solid work from Fear Factory, The Industrialist still has just a bit too much box-checking going on to vault it to the top of the heap. Still recommended, although we can pray that further dilution does not grant us a second Digimortal. 7.5 out of 10   

3 Responses to “Album Review – Fear Factory “The Industrialist” 2012”

  1. Good review. I have a soft spot for FF, though they do have a tendency to phone it in now and again (You wonder when someone’s going to just give them the gig to score a Terminator movie and get it over with).

    It’s a real shame they’re not playing with Gene Hoglan and Byron Stroud anymore; I saw that lineup supporting Metallica a couple of years ago and they were incredible.

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