Box Set Review – Misfits “Coffin Box” 1996

First Edition.

  What: A four-disc set of Misfits classics from the Danzig years. Over 100 tracks of horror-punk fun.

Selection: With the exception of Walk Among Us (the rights were not available) this set has basically everything they put on wax before 1986, back when they were a punk band and not a New York Yankees-sized logo marketing device. 8 out of 10

Sick of this guy yet? Don’t worry, you can put it all back into the plain coffin and just listen to the music.

Packaging: A coffin-shaped velvet-lined box. The discs are in black slimline jewel cases with the track listing embossed on them. The Static Age disc is in a custom slide-case with the Crimson Ghost logo in relief on the front. Beware later re-issues of the set, as over the years the embossed cases have become ordinary double jewels. There is a thin but well put together lyric booklet. 9 out of 10

Sonic Manipulation: None that I can hear. These are shitty-sounding old punk songs; what needs to be done to them? N/A

Rarities/Extras: The third disc consists mainly of unreleased studio sessions, many of which are interesting. There’s an affectionate band retrospective essay by Eerie Von, and an enamel Fiend Club lapel pin for your kutte jacket. Once again, later editions have downgraded and this pin is now of the standard variety. 8 out of 10 

Later version. Note the regular-style jewel cases with paper inserts.

Overall: If you can get your hands on a first pressing of this set, do not hesitate. It’s a great listen and will distinguish you as an actual fan,  set apart from the Hot Topic trapper-keeper crowd. 9 out of 10

3 Responses to “Box Set Review – Misfits “Coffin Box” 1996”

  1. Great post. I’ve only got the 2nd edition. Had it for many years (along with the Samhain Box too). I’m in the UK so don’t know much about Hot Topic trapper-keepers!? Can I be excused from that crowd anyway? Got “Walk Among Us” on vinyl too if that helps..

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