Album Review – Danko Jones “Rock and Roll is Black and Blue” 2012

  There’s merely more of the same and then there’s heck yes more of the same. Danko Jones have never been ones to reinvent a properly spinning wheel, but whereas 2010 effort Below the Belt seemed a little bit tired, Black and Blue attacks the same ideas with a touch more pep. Perhaps it’s the inclusion of new blood behind the skins with Atom Willard, or maybe the fresh attention the band is getting from docu-pic Bring on the Mountain. I’m not going to speculate, since the Danko Jones ethos discourages over examination in any case.

Thematically, things stay pretty close to home. Danko the man likes women and their constituent parts “Legs”, this horndog obsession is a blessing and a curse “You Wear Me Down” and “Terrified”, and he intends to outlive his enemies “Conceited”. Pick up the expanded version for bonus track “In Your Arms” and the most Danzig of caterwauls you’ve heard all decade.

Energized and friskier than we’ve heard in a while, Rock and Roll is Black and Blue puts another solid volume into the Danko Jones library. Heck yes. 8 out of 10

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