Review Suggestions

Kind of self-explanatory. If I have it or can get it, I will peruse the suggested media and give it the business. –Slim

2 Responses to “Review Suggestions”

  1. Hi Slim,

    Just stumbled on your Jakalope and FLA reviews – very cool! Figured I’d toss this out to you as a suggestion: my project Maqlu. I’ve just released my second EP, Black, and it seems to be off to a pretty good start on the !earshot electronic charts so far, figured based on some of your other reviews you might dig it. A couple fans have described it as Alien Sex Fiend meets NIN meets Numb, so it’s a bit of an old school machine rock vibe with some experiemental noise work and audio collage tossed in as well.

    You can download a review copy here:

    And my most recent bio is on my MySpace here:

    If you have any questions or there’s anything else you need, let me know – thanks!



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