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August Action Update

Posted in Roller Derby with tags , , , , on August 24, 2010 by Lightning Slim

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  After taking a couple of weeks to gain a level in badassery, the ladies of TCRG will be returning to action this August.

On the 21st Thunder (and Doma the Shark of Domination) will travel to Syracuse, NY in an opening bid to extend Shark Week well into Xmas. Their opponents will be the A-team of Assault City, so if you have American relatives to introduce to derby or feel like a duty-free weekend you should follow the sound of Thunder.

Scarcely one week later Thunder return to their beloved K-dubs in “A Fistful of Brawlers”, a rematch against the Montreal Sexpos – best known for taking the victory in Thunder’s inaugural bout two years ago. You need to be there on the day to find out just how much times have changed, and blind the enemy with the beaming of your TCRG pride!

See you in the Suicide Seats,


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