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Deals and Steals: All You Need is Cash

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  Deals and Steals goes a bit country this time out, with a whole lot of the Man in Black with just a bit of blackened metal. All prices $US, shipping was $6.99.

 Johnny Cash – American Recordings, Unchained, The Man Comes Around, A Hundred Highways, Ain’t No Grave. Otherwise known as the entire American Series, collectively purchased at Second Spin for $32.96. The only missing title, American III: Solitary Man, showed up at The Beat Goes On for me the same week for $9.99. Cash’s late-period tales of retribution, regret and redemption are a must-have for anyone even mildly curious about this fascinating musician.

Also headed my way this month:

  Skeletonwitch – Beyond the Permafrost and Breathing the Fire, $7.99 for the pair. Deathly fun with serious riff chops. Have you seen this amazing artwork before?

Blackguard – Firefight $7.99. French Canada’s fast n’ frilly response to Children of Bodom. They put on a heck of a set at Heavy MTL 2011.

TV Review – Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: Season One

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  Stop me if you’re heard this one: a group of teenagers fight to protect their highschool from supernatural forces in a town that seems to be the epicentre of evil. Their best chance (and greatest weakness) lie within their leader, a reluctant Chosen One.

No? How about a bunch of misanthropic  and moronic metal musicians battling a secret cabal of shadowy hooded figures. The so-called heroes are embroiled in a conspiracy beyond their understanding that usually ends in gory death for anyone who crosses their path?

That’s right. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is basically what you’d get if Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Metalocalypse had a low-budget baby. There’s also a bit of Kids in the Hall and Wayne’s World thrown into the mix of this Canadian production, but Todd and Curtis skew towards a more realistic depiction of the realities of teenage metaldom, i.e. they are horny, stoned, repugnant oafs. They don’t discuss how to “Party On”, they projectile vomit and crash cars like they’re auditioning for the next FUBAR movie. Imagine an episode of Degrassi shot for the Japanese grindhouse market, complete with Jason Mewes in a bit part just to complete the synchronicity. 

This show has a lot going for it, in particular the talent of its cast, who are often called upon to remain straight-faced amid a flurry of monstrous demon penises and gobbets of disemboweled schoolmates. It also has a neat, self-contained mythology requiring no playbook. Todd‘s house is built in the geek clique style, but from the bricks of ordinary narrative. Todd and his friends are looking for the Book. The Book is evil. That’s all you need to know, and along the way you can appreciate a cribbed snippet of Raimi, Romero or Scott Pilgrim without the sense that there will be some sort of quiz later. It’s cheeky, hilarious and compelling; I watched a holiday marathon of all 13 episodes and never got bored.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading this space, or any of the grab-bag of influences mentioned above.

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